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WELCOME to the Lake of the Woods of Jacaranda Disaster Plan web site. The LOWofJ is in the process of establishing a Community Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan. Our foremost goal is to protect the residents and their properties inside our communities, before, during and after an event. With the 2007 hurricane season upon us, and many more to follow, the need for a community plan is essential to;

1.) Reduce injuries or death.
2.).Provide help to residents that need assistance.
3.) Reduce property damage.

It’s basically all about people, helping people, in a time of need.
    If available, our county and state emergency services personnel are the best trained and equipped to handle emergencies. However, following a disaster, our community may find itself on our own for a period of time because of the size of the event, loss of communications or impassable roads.
    The Plan is designed to prepare the community in the event of a disaster. Because emergency services may not be able to help everyone immediately, community action can make a difference by using the plan to save lives, prevent injuries and protect property. With the plan, having the community work as a team, we will be able to do the greatest good for the greatest number residents before and after a disaster.
   The PLAN is to divide the communities of Lake of the Woods of Jacaranda, Park Estates and Grassy Oaks I and II into ZONES. Each zone will have a team of residents that will act, before, during and after an event, upon consideration of their own safety first. These zone teams will communicate with a community incident command center about the needs and status of their zones. The incident command center will advise, evaluate and communicate with the proper authorities, the needs of each zone, acting for the good of the greatest number of residents.
  The DPP was introduced and approved by the Board of Directors in May of 2007. With a unilateral effort by all the Home Owners Associations, including Lake of the Woods, Lakes of Jacaranda, Grassy Oaks, GO II,GO III and Park Estates the DPP has turned all of LOWofJ into a storm wise community. So much so, that the Sarasota County Emergency Management has awarded the LOWofJ Disaster Plan (DPP) for it's outstanding contributions to the Stormwise Neighborhood Program.

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  We need your help!
 Please feel free to contact anyone of the DPP Committee Members for more information. 

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