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Protecting Your
Home From Hurricane
Wind Damage

Some good advice on how to protect your home from wind damage.

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- New training for CERT Starting Nov 5th - Read More

-Sarasota County to Hold Neighborhood Grant Workshops-
Starting in August, a series of free grant orientation workshops under the Sarasota County Neighborhood Grant Program will be held August through October at several locations around the county. READ MORE .....

May 18, 2013

To: All the people that have supported the Disaster Preparedness Program in the Lake of the Woods of Jacaranda

I have decided to step down from the leadership role of DPP. Since it’s inception in 2007, it has been my pleasure to serve this community as the chairman of the DPP group.

Steve Hafer, has volunteered to take the chairmanship role and continue the challenging task of leading the group. Steve is a long time member of LOWofJ. As president of HOA, he was one of the original signatures in the creation of DPP. In his working career Steve was responsible for running the Emergency Medical Service (MCI) multiple casualties’ incidents, which includes emergencies in Midtown and Queens, NYCDOC was responsible for emergency response teams riots and fighting fires, and a Fire Fighter for 34 years in Suffolk Co.

In an effort to make a smooth transfer I plan to remain active in DPP in an advisory role.

My sincere thanks to all of the people who have helped and supported the DPP, in its mission to educate our community to be safe in the event of a disaster.

Joe Thiel

- DPP Meetings Day Change -
The new meeting day will be
the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm
at the LOJ Clubhouse

The HeartStart Onside Defibrillator (AED) is now available in the LOJ Clubhouse.
The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a computerized medical device that can check a person’s heart rhythm and advise a rescuer when a shock is needed to restore a heart rhythm. The AED is fully automated and easy to use. Take a few minutes to learn how to use this life saving device.

- Complete Users Guide -

- Video Instructions -
(quick reference)



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